Using GoRegista for polling or surveys

One of the interesting things you can use GoRegista for is to create surveys or polling. GoRegista surveys or polls can be targeted using geo-fencing. this means the creator of the survey or poll can select exactly which locality is to be tested. It is simple to test any desired location in the world and cast a geographical net of any size around this location. Surveying or polling a city or town is as simple as typing in the address of the center of the town, then selecting a net size, which is the radius around the city or town in which app users can see the survey or poll.

Very simple to setup! All that is required is to adding a custom information box where the app users types in the response to the survey or poll. Up to three questions can be asked. This means you collect from the person their name, their email address (where we send the thank you confirmation email) and the custom fields you create which contain the answers to the survey or poll question.

All you have to do now is broadcast your survey or poll on radio, print media or flyers using the GoRegista logo. (Don’t forget to tell them the “TAG” to search for!) App users can respond to the listing by putting the answer they choose in the custom fields and clicking Regista!  Its that easy.

Here are some ideas for the use of this feature of GoRegista..

  1. Political party polling
  2. News and current affairs programs can survey listeners about current issues in the media
  3. Media broadcasters can poll listeners instantly about anything going on..
    Who is going to win this football game?
    How many Gold medals will our country win in the Olympics?
    Should xxx be convicted on fraud charges..
  4. Exit polls on voting days

So, imagine having your survey or poll responded to, by all targeted people, at the touch of a button on a mobile smart phone. Picture being able to share your survey or poll with all targeted people and have them regista their answer right now easily and simply. The ability to do this, at no cost is available now, polling and surveying are free to create in GoRegista. Results are a click away on the web console with simple charts, pies graphs and responders information easily seen.

Oh and don’t forget. We don’t EVER contact those people using the app to respond to these listings. We may contact organisers of listings to advise them of changes to the service but our privacy policy is VERY clear. We are not in this to fill databases for use elsewhere!

So you want to create a survey or poll about anything? GoRegista!
Click here for step by step instructions or just login and give it try, its easy!