Privacy Policy

GOREGISTA provides a service to allow people to receive information about events or promotions without compromising their privacy. This information is sent to you via the email you provide on the app.


GOREGISTA protects your privacy and will NEVER disclose this information to the event organiser or business. The email address you provide to GOREGISTA is only used, by us, to send you more information on the event as provided by the event organiser. When you register (regista) for an event, the event organiser will receive your name (or the alias you provide) and any other requested information contained in the event details. If you are uncomfortable about sharing the additional information requested by the event organiser do not provide this information. If you change your mind about the event you can unregister (unregista) on the app or simply delete the email sent to you. If you do this you will NEVER be contacted about this event again by us or the event organiser.

GOREGISTA DOES NOT collect and store your information for use by third parties.

If you do like the content of the email offering and reply to the event organiser, you will now be in contact with them and GOREGISTA will not be involved in any way. GOREGISTA does not monitor transactions between users and Event Organisers.