Welcome to the world of GoRegista.

Firstly lets run through a little of how GoRegista works and what it does. GoRegista connects people with their interests and lets people create interests for others to find out about. And most of the time its  free. Community interests such as events, groups and clubs all can use GoRegista free. Thats free to create a GoRegista account, free to create listings on our web console and of course free for people to get the app and regista for more information. Even businesses offering their products or services can use the service for free.

So how does it work?

So you have an interest, a product, a service, an event, an anything you want people to find out about and get more information about, great! This is what we do. Simply create an account with us, login and your ready to go. Now you get to to create something to tell everyone about and have them regista for more information. You need a name and description of what your doing. A location of where it is, and the search tag people will need to type into the app to find you. We also like you to put the interest into a category too, such as Community, Sporting, Competition, Educational etc, this just helps people find you if they forget the search tag use. You can also limit the number of people who are allowed to regista. Great if your interest is an event or you only have a certain number of widgets to sell.

Almost done, a couple of other things you need to think about before you publish to your audience. What do you want people do if they are interested? This depends on what your interest is, i.e. product, service, event, call to action? There are some examples below you might want to check out if your not too sure. Most people ask the person regista’ing for their name and email address. This is pretty standard so lets just ask for that. You may want to also ask “How did you find out about this” or “Whats your postcode”.

Now you need to think or what GoRegista will send to every person who regista’s to your interest. Again there are examples below, but most people type information that the person needs to do to get the nitty gritty of your interest. For example, “This is my product/service, here I am, click here to go to my website, this is the details of the special offer I have, and finally of course, Thanks for regista’ing for my listing!”

One step to go, and this step is the key to the success of using GoRegista. Who are you going target your interest to. GoRegista uses geo-fencing to help you target your audience. Geo-fencing is a technical word for using GPS technology to restrict who can see your listing. We call it “casting a net” over your audience. If your interest is local only, say a School Play or a Mothers group you need only to cast a small net. Lets select 10 km. Only people within a radius of 10km of the event address can see the event. Its invisible to everyone else. Local tradies offering a special service might use 25km as their radius because thats how far they are willing to travel. Of course if your interest is big, choose one that fits, 100 km (great for FM radio advertising). 250km is seriously big coverage if required. For some people thats not big enough so state or country coverage can also be selected. Creating an interest and allowing any person in the country respond to it is a pretty awesome concept. For a national business with a national add campaign, thats gold!

Oh, did you can know you can also select a “World” audience? Every person in the world with a smart phone and the GoRegista app can see the event. Thats a pretty cool thought… Ok, we are telling fibs here. A world audience is available but is restricted to really important global event such as Earth Hour. Email us if you want it and we will deal with this on a case by case basis.