Community Listings

It might come as a surprise, but one of the biggest challenges facing community groups these days is actually getting in touch with the community. In a world of extensive advertising campaigns and costly media real estate, it’s easy for local groups to lose their voice. That’s why GoRegista was created, and that’s why it’s free for all community groups.

GoRegista is all about making connections: connecting communities with people, people with their interests, and everyone with opportunities. Imagine having your event, fundraiser or meeting able to be shared amongst all interested parties at the touch of a button. Picture being able to share your message to all of the interested people, having them register for more information, and even signing up for the service you are providing. With GoRegista, it’s completely possible and cost-free.

Not only that: it’s hassle free too, because we don’t ever contact the people using the app. We might occasionally contact organisers to advise them of changes to the service, but our privacy policy is very clear. Put plainly, we’re not in this to fill databases, for ourselves or anyone else!

So, if you’re interested in creating a function, event, group or meeting – anything people might be interested  in – simply click here for step by step instructions or just login, to give it a try, and get your message our there! Easy!

N.B: GoRegista was designed to assist the needs of community organisations trying to gain traction for their message, for their community. If your listing is not community based, please do not list it in this category. GoRegista permits community groups raising money and conducting events via this section, but not businesses selling products or promoting services. Alternative GoRegista categories for business can be used.