Creating a competition in GoRegista

One of fun things you can use GoRegista for is to create competitions. A competition can easily be created as a listing by simply adding a custom information box called “Your answer to…” This means you collect from the person their name, their email address (where we send the confirmation email) and the custom field “Your answer”.

All you have to do now is broadcast you competition on radio, print media or flyers using the GoRegista logo. (Don’t forget to tell them the “TAG” to search for!) App users can enter the competition by putting the answer they choose in the custom field and clicking Regista!  Its that easy.

There are some very cool reasons to conduct competitions this way compared to phone in’s or enter online.

  1. Users can enter the competition only once! But they can un-regista and change their answer  and re-regista easily! No other service offers this option!!
  2. Unlike “visit our website” competitions, the user can enter the competition right now, on the go in the train in the car, wherever.
  3. Phone ring in competitions exclude callers who cannot get through due to lines being busy. You then have no idea just how popular the competition was. Using GoRegista EVERY person enters the competition quickly easily and for free and you know EXACTLY how many people entered by clicking on “View my Registrations” on the web console. Very neat to assess the success of the comp.
  4. When app users enter a competition they populate your “Registrations file” in time stamp order. This function is great if you want to offer, “Free tickets to the first 100 people who GoRegista…” the file contains them perfectly in order.
  5. If you want to be really adventurous create a competition at the MCG on Grand Final day. Cast a net around the MCG so only people in the MCG can respond. That’s perfect targeted competition marketing to almost 100,000 people!
  6. Finally, create a competition and sit back and do nothing. No calls to take, no paid staff to answer calls, no jammed up phone lines. The results are a click away on the console.

So, imagine having your competition or fundraiser able to be shared by all interested people at the touch of a button on a mobile smart phone. Picture being able to share your competition with all interested people and have them regista their answer right now easily and simply.
The ability to do this, at no cost is available now, competitions are free to create in GoRegista.
Oh and don’t forget. We don’t EVER contact those people using the app. We may contact organisers of competitions to advise them of changes to the service but our privacy policy is VERY clear. We are not in this to fill databases for use elsewhere!

So you want to create an competition about anything? GoRegista!
Click here for step by step instructions or just login and give it try, its easy!