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GoRegista launch Jan 2014

Victorian teacher Gary Tayler has invented something he thinks will change the way advertisers communicate with consumers. GoRegista, a locally created app, provides users an opt-in method when expressing interest in an event or interest. “People don’t want to give their email out every time they are interested in something. This is a way to ask for more information while maintaining privacy.” Tayler sees so much potential use for GoRegista he has taken a year’s leave without pay to promote it. “Any event, any where, any time. This covers it all. From a small gathering to a worldwide campaign.”

GoRegista works by hosting information on people’s interests. Any person can create an interest and launch it to the world. People who have the app and find it interesting can respond with relevant details and get a follow-up email with all the details they need to get conected. For businesses this interest can be a product or service they are offering. “It reduces the need for websites and databases so it helps small businesses, community organisations and individuals. We have a benevolent goal to support those groups.”

GoRegista uses location services to customize events users can see. It also takes advantage of geo-fencing, a relatively new concept in digital marketing which allows exclusive offers for people in designated areas. “Geo-fencing is exciting, especially for use with bigger interests or commercial product releases. We can put a virtual ring around a venue like the MCG and only people in that area can see an offer. That means a restaurant nearby can promote a deal for dinner that night and take the booking details at the same time. It’s a game changer.”

GoRegista has categories for entertainment, sport, competitions, education, community, retail and services and is already attracting interest from other sectors. Real Estate inspections, for example, could be listed and agents would know who and how many people are attending. The app has an interesting pricing model. It is free to download and Tayler maintains that most of the listings will be at no cost. Bigger interests will be charged according to the number of attendees, distance and time of the event. “It’s such a convenient way to organize things. We’re also hoping small businesses and community organisations are able to make the most of the free listings. It’s a perfect way for them to attract interest.”

GoRegista is available from the App Store and Google Play.

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