Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have created an interest but when I search for it on the app I cannot see it?
    This is the most posted question. When you create a listing you have given us the location and the “net” around the listing. Often the location of the listing is not where you are right now. Are you inside the net? If you think you are check again the address of the listing. Google has just about every address in the world in there and it may not be the one you intended.
  2. I am not getting any emails even though people are regista’ing for my event?
    When you create a listing there are two buttons to consider midway down the event create page. One says “Receive a copy of the rego email” the other “Daily summary email”. One of these need to be selected. Select daily summary as the best option, but remember you can check the rego details any time in the event list screen.
  3. How do I see who has regista’d for my interest?
    If you have check the “Daily email summary” in the listing every morning you will get a summary of the number of people who have confirmed an interest in you listing. For more details simply click the “View Registrations” button in the event list. Its right on the left hand side of the screen. You will get a CSV file containing all the details except the person email which we do not give out.
  4. When someone regista’s for my event what do they get from me?
    When you create a listing there is a box down the bottom that you should fill in. Everything you type in there will be sent to the person who is interested. You can type anything in there including links to your website for more details.
    To see a sample of an email sent click here.
  5. My interest is over and expired, can I change the date and reactivate it?
    Yep! Click on edit the event, change the date and off you go. Note if this was a paid event a new fee may apply.
  6. What events are free and what ones do I have to pay for?
    All community listings are free. Most listings in other categories are free also though statewide and country wide listings may attract a small fee. Listings in Products or Services are also free as long as the listing uses a small “net”. Business listings requiring large nets such as statewide, country wide or world wide also attract a small fee. See pricing for more details.
  7. How do I pay for a listing?
    GoRegista uses the phrase for app users, “Regista your interest with no strings attached”. Our policy is similar with people requiring listings that attract a small fee. If you create a listing that attracts a fee, the listing will immediately appear on the app and you will be live. Within 24hrs you will receive an email regarding the cost of the listing and have 48 hours to settle the fee using our secure payments system.
  8. What is the “Tag” for when creating a listing
    The TAG is like the hashtag on twitter without the #. People use it to search for you. Make sure you make that tag really visible or prominent in your advertising. See tools for sample images you may use. For radio adds finish the add with something like “… so visit our website for more details or GoRegista balloon ride to get all the information you need.”
  9. What is the secret code used for?
    You can create a private event on GoRegista and tell your friends via Facebook or word of mouth, for example about the event. Only people who know the secret word can get the event details. Cool huh! Oh and don’t forget to NOT use it for public events or no-one will be able regista!
  10. What happens when someone unregista’s for my listing?
    Any user who decides to un-regista from your event can do so on the app. They will have already received the email details which they have probably deleted by now also. They will not show up on the registration file any more and if your have decided to receive the “Daily email summary” the un-regista will show up in there also.


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