GoRegista – Testimonials

One story – Feb 2014 a month after GoRegista launch
Canopies for Kids Charity Fundraiser

Canopies For Kids is Australia’s largest skydiving fundraising event, with all money raised going to support sick kids at the Royal Children’s Hospital. On Good Friday, 18th of April 2014, they are aiming to raise more than $20,000 by throwing everyday people, along with a trained DropBear strapped to their chest, out of a perfectly good airplane (the skydiving opportunity of a lifetime).
Canopies For Kids is busily recruiting “The Bravest Stuffed Teddy Bears in the World” – the DropBears. Every DropBear goes through a special training process, freefalling 10,000 feet with an experienced skydiver. It helps by filling them to the brim with bravery: the very same quality they’ll be sharing with sick kids once they’re back on solid ground.

The skydiving community is a fairly small one throughout Australia and each Drop Zone tends to have their own Facebook site as a means of communication. There is little communication between Drop Zones so it is difficult to pass the message on and take registrations for the event. Bring on GoRegista! An event was created on the GoRegista console, with an audience reach of anyone in Australia. Because its a community event, its free. Anyone in Australia who gets the app, searches “RCH” and clicks “I’m Interested” is on board. Its that simple. GoRegista takes rego’s from skydivers all around the country and directs them to www.canopiesforkids.com.au website. Perfect and free.

GoRegista allows any interest to be created and made available to anyone in the world. Its simple to create an interest and even easier for the app user to regista their interest in it. Success story number one..