Business Listings

One of the greatest challenges facing business groups is being able to get the message “out there” into the world flooded with high cost advertising. It is very easy for businesses to have their message lost in this crowded world. GoRegista was created to solve this problem. GoRegista connects people with their interests and businesses with people. And for most business listings, its free.

GoRegista replaces the needs for customers to “call our toll free number now” or “visit our website” with a simple search and click. On that click; your add, your information and website and your offering is immediately emailed to the customer. Click here for our business brochure to see how our service works.

Using GoRegista makes it very easy for a customers to regista for more information about your product or service. In the car, on the train talking with friends about your product. When customers hear your add or find out about you, getting your message to them is as simple as a couple of clicks on the app. Much easier than calling a number few people know, or even remembering your web address.

So imagine having your product or service to be found by all interested people at the touch of a button on a mobile smart phone. Picture being able to share your product or service to all interested people and have them regista for more information and even sign up for the service you are providing. The ability to do this, is available, GoRegista now.

So you want to create an listing of your product or service? Anything people might be interested in?
Click here for step by step instructions or just login and give it try, its easy!