Affiliate Program

GoRegista is seeking to form collaborative partnerships with like minded companies and businesses.

Event booking services

Theese businesses are especially a target for GoRegista to work with. GoRegista does not compete with other booking agencies. It is a value add to the booking services offered. Currently GoRegista has listings with an Eventbrite event and a TickMaster event. GoRegista simply offers another way of directly customers to the site to complete the booking process. In both these cases the listing is free on GoRegista. Clicking “regista” on the app give the user an email with a direct link to the event booking. No need to remember website addresses or searching TicketMaster for the event. Its there ready to go.
Email to discuss collaborative partnerships.

Local Government

Community events, forums and NPF groups are able to use GoRegista free of charge to promote and allow app users the ability to find out more information about what’s going on in the community. ALL community interests created in GoRegista are free.  Local government service package can be sent upon request.
Email for details.

Polling and Surveys

GoRegista use geo-fencing to determine who can see certain interests created on the console. Anyone seeking responses from the wider community about an interest can create a listing such that only people in the target area can respond to the listing. Great for polling or creating surveys targeted at a specific group of people in a given locality.
GoRegista can create a package for organisations wishing to poll or survey multiple localities.
Email for details.