Using GoRegista to engage the Community

GoRegista’s beginning was to provide schools and community groups the ability to get their message “out there” in a world dominated by the high cost mass media. Engaging the community in a “call to action” is a service GoRegista is proud the provide.
(If you want to know about our beginnings click here for our story)

If you have something you are truly passionate about or some injustice that you cannot help, but want to rectified, GoRegista may be able to assist. Create a Community listing in GoRegista and tell your friends in the world of Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth to regista their support for your cause. Tell them to tell their friends. All everyone needs to know is GoRegista app (our logo is getting really well known now!) and your TAG word. Anyone who searches this word, finds your call to action (details are typed in using our web console) can read about it and regista their support. Easy to get that idea/cause/injustice to go viral!

But there is more! When someone regista’s for your cause you get to provide in an email exactly what you want them to do. You may provide them the email address of your local government member, along with a message they can copy and paste into the email they will send. It may a link to a NFP website that is taking the cause up also, or simply steps the responder can do to get involved further. Its up to you.

So, imagine having your cause responded to, by all targeted people, at the touch of a button on a mobile smart phone. Picture being able to share your cause with all targeted people and have them regista their interest right now easily and simply. Having the ability to front your government representative with a list of 50,000 names of concerned people.
The ability to do this, at no cost is available now, community listings are free to create in GoRegista.

Oh, something that you must know about calls to action.
Users of GoRegista must not create any listing that might be, or that might promote abusive, threatening, defamatory, unlawful, obscene, profane, violent, pornographic or indecent conduct. Users who create such listing are committing unlawful acts and the account will be closed and details passed on the relevant authorities.

So you want to create a listing about anything? GoRegista! Click here for step by step instructions or just login and give it try, its easy!