GoRegista and Clubs and Societies

One of the greatest challenges facing community groups is being able to get the message “out there” into the world flooded with high cost advertising. It is very easy for community and sporting groups to have their message lost in this crowded world. GoRegista was created to solve this problem. And its free for clubs and societies most of the time.

Imagine having your event, fundraiser or club events able to be shared by all interested people at the touch of a button on a mobile smart phone. Picture being able to share your message to all interested people and have them regista for more information and even sign up for the event or activity you are providing. The ability to do this, at no cost is available now.

Oh, and something else that’s important. No we don’t EVER contact those people using the app. We may contact organisers to advise them of changes to the service but our privacy policy is VERY clear. We are not in this to fill databases for use elsewhere!

So you want to create an interest, event, group meeting..  anything people might be interested in? Click here for step by step instructions or just login and give it try, its easy!

A final point that needs to be made. GoRegista was made to assist the needs and desires of community organisations, clubs and societies trying to get their message out to the world. Most listings for clubs and societies are completely free.
We determine if an event or listing is free or based upon the size or the area that your listing can be seen in and the number or registrations permitted on the app. Listing of events in this category are free for all nets (the size of the radius around your event where people can search and see your event on the app) under 100km in radius. If you need a radius larger than this a small fee is payable unless you plan to have less than 50 set as your maximum registrations available.
See our pricing structure for full details.