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January 2014 GoRegista launch
Blaise Northey – ICT Coordinator PRSC

A small app has suddenly just made the world just a bit smaller.

We are continually being bombarded with advertising, events and all sorts of things going on around us, its getting hard to find out now exactly what’s going on that interests you. For advertisers of events and products its hard enough to get the message out their, let alone getting people to actually follow up and respond to the add. GOREGISTA , a mobile app solution provides the solution to this problem. Imagine hearing about something that interests you, type the keyword into the app and immediately an email is sent to you with all the details you want. Simple as that.

Interests as small as mother’s groups, community get together’s or things to do in the school holidays can be created by anyone and made available to a wide audience. For businesses advertising, it’s the same thing. Got a great deal to advertise? Chances are people are listening and don’t really want to call or visit your website right then and now. Chances are they will forget the website details anyway. As for remembering the phone number that’s just not an option. Type the keyword in the app, and there is an email sent to look at when they are good and ready. The big kicker for this app is that’s it virtually free to use by both people creating the interest and the app user.

The other thing to like about the app is the use of geo fencing. When interests are created a geo fence or “net” is cast around a location and a net size selected. Only users of phones inside the net can see and respond to the interest. Small community interests can cast a 10 or 15 km net around the event for the locals to see only. If you’re an advertiser on FM radio, 100km is about the range of the FM broadcast, so you would use that. Regional advertises will love the ability to cast a net around a small town or city with an offer. I like too the ability to cast a net around somewhere small too. A net around the MCG on grand final day would provide advertisers some interesting options!

The final thing to love about this app is in the small print Terms and Conditions, (yes I did read these to find a catch!) GOREGISTA does not pass on your details to the creator of the interest. When the email arrives and its not really what you wanted, delete the email and that’s the end of things. No spam no follow ups by the advertiser. GOREGISTA with no strings attached, is their motto. Even more to like is that GOREGISTA themselves don’t use the contact information too. For app users GOREGISTA pledges to never contact them in any shape of form. Nice change from the data harvesting we often see.

Down sides? The only one I can find is if you are in a region where few people have started using the app, then you will find little content in there to interest you. That may change as more and more people start using it, especially as creating an interest is mostly free.

GOREGISTA is available for both I phones and Android devices.


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